Blockchain Monitoring and Management

Monitor, manage, and verify activity on private blockchains.

BlocWatch De-risks Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

BlocWatch's BlocMonitor and BlocTrust services provide users critical tools to manage public and private blockchain and DLT deployments and exposures.

With automated monitoring, analytics, and alerting, BlocWatch will be your eyes and ears on your blockchain, allowing you to manage and leverage your systems to their full potential.


  • Full blockchain visibility
  • Powerful analytic tools
  • Intelligent alerts

Public, private, or permissioned

BlocMonitor and BlocTrust will help you succeed — whether you need to work with a big public blockchain, run a private DLT in-house, or interact with dozens of varying permissioned blockchains and DLTs. BlocWatch enables you to monitor and manage each blockchain and DLT, verifying everything is operating correctly, identifying anomalous behavior, and pinpointing problems when they occur.

Essential visibility and insight

The latest DLTs process thousands of transactions in the blink of an eye, but BlocMonitor is built to support this avalanche of data. BlocMonitor allows you to make sense of and monitor everything that's happening, in real time. You get an easy-to-understand dashboard, a rich User Interface (UI), and comprehensive analytics. BlocMonitor ensures that you have full visibility, all of the time, on every chain.


  • Transaction verification
  • Compliance/audit-ready
  • Easy implementation

Transform alerts into action

To make sure you don't miss anything important, BlocMonitor has built-in and customizable alerts to notify you automatically when critical issues arise. These alerts can do more than just buzz a human, however — through our extensible Application Programming Interface (API), they can also trigger actions to automatically remediate the situation.

Independent, third-party verification

BlocTrust provides continuous DLT validation. This enhances trust among blockchain participants, meets industry standards or government regulations, and helps fulfill compliance mandates. BlocTrust Trusted Endorser nodes offer assurance to all blockchain participants that endorsed transactions are accurate and legitimate.

Compliance, auditability, and assurance

BlocTrust maintains an authoritative, validated ledger of all blockchain transactions for the lifetime of the system. This independent record can be used to meet audit requirements, as well as provide a neutral, third-party source to resolve disputes among blockchain participants.

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