BlocWatch helps businesses maximize the value of their blockchain network by providing visibility and control into on-chain activity and it's supporting infrastructure.

    The core BlocWatch team has been building enterprise monitoring solutions for new technologies for the past 20 years. We have founded and successfully exited 4 separate companies during that time – the most recent being CloudCheckr. We are now applying the lessons that we have learned to the blockchain space.

    As such, BlocWatch provides an enterprise ready blockchain monitoring platform for permissioned and unpermissioned blockchain implementations. Specifically, our solution provides complete visibility around operational metrics, smart contract status, user configurations, and more. We offer pre-built and user defined activity alerting along with a library of best practices to ensure improved blockchain security

    As part of our development process, we have spoken with hundreds of blockchain executives and developers from around the world. The feedback that we've received validates the need for providing transparency, security, analytics, and compliance on blockchain network. We continue to see new blockchain use cases weekly and are excited to offer a solution that will support blockchain adoption worldwide.



    BlocWatch vs. Open Source Monitoring & Analytics Tools

    Institutions require comprehensive monitoring to fulfill operational, security, and compliance mandates. Failures and compromises in production systems can easily cause millions in losses. As the below comparison shows, both Hyperledger Explorer and Quorum Cakeshop are open source tools that offer basic blockchain monitoring. BlocWatch, however, offers a far broader and deeper solution that has been tailored to enterprise monitoring requirements.

    If it is critical that your blockchain network is running 24/7 we strongly recommend that you consider using the BlocWatch platform. Schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial today!

    Feature BlocWatch Hyperledger Explorer Quorum Cakeshop
    Blockchain History / Explorer Yes Yes Yes (limited)
    Block / Tx Search Yes  Yes (limited) Yes (limited)
    Network Inventory Yes Yes (limited) Yes (limited)
    Peer Statistics Yes No Yes (limited)
    Endorser Statistics Yes No N/A
    Orderer Statistics Yes No N/A
    Chain Data Search Yes No No
    Alerting over transactions Yes No No
    Alerting over configuration Yes No No
    Alert Assignment Workflow Yes No No
    Configuration views / history Yes No No
    Per Node Metrics Yes No Yes (limited)
    Best Practice Checks Yes (80+) No No
    Daily Change Report Yes No No
    Daily Summary Report Yes No No
    Daily Best Practice Summary Report Yes No No




    Aaron Klein

    Founder & CEO

    Aaron Klein brings a deep knowledge of cloud architecture, enterprise software, and over 20 years of managerial experience and vision to his role as CEO of BlocWatch. Prior to founding BlocWatch, Aaron founded and served as the COO of CloudCheckr Inc, where he helped it grow to nearly 200 people.

    Prior to founding CloudCheckr, Aaron spent over 15 years in the financial industry. Aaron earned a J.D. from State University of New York at Buffalo and a B.A. from Brandeis University. Aaron currently serves on the Board at the Flaum Eye Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

    Aaron Newman


    Aaron Newman is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded four other successful startups: CloudCheckr, Techrigy, DbSecure, and Application Security, Inc. He previously served as CEO of CloudCheckr. Aaron authored the books Enterprise 2.0, printed by McGraw-Hill, and the Oracle Security Handbook, printed by Oracle Press. He is an acclaimed international speaker on technology topics and has been awarded multiple patents in database security and social media.

    Prior to DbSecure, Aaron held technology positions at Price Waterhouse, Bankers Trust, and as an independent IT consultant. Aaron proudly served in the U.S. Army during the First Gulf War. Aaron currently serves as a Trustee of the Strong National Museum of Play.