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    BlocMonitor provides full-stack visibility and best practice oversight for public and permissioned blockchains. BlocMonitor’s enterprise-grade monitoring and management tools make it easy to:

    • Monitor and manage multiple chains
    • Identify issues and maintain health of the network
    • Visualize activity on the chain
    • Reduce overhead of internal resources

    Real-time Analytics

    BlocMonitor displays and logs every event on your network, while providing full visibility of all chain activity and alerts of critical events in real-time. These features allow for immediate action and intervention, minimizing any downtime that may occur. BlocMonitor also gives you an overview of multiple chains or networks at once, using intuitive dashboards, while providing the ability to dive deeper into the details of individual components.

    BlocMonitor has functionality for numerous blockchains and DLTs such as:

    • Hyperledger Fabric
    • Ethereum
    • R3 Corda
    • Quorum 

    BlocMonitor offers options to customize the reports, making it easy to display the data most vital to your operations. Dashboards are available as soon as our agent is integrated and provide detailed and intuitive menus, tabs, and layout styles.

    Critical Network Events to Monitor

    • Network & resource configurations
    • System failures
    • Blockchain specific architecture controls
    • Transaction, event, and activity analysis


    Critical Security Alerts

    BlocMonitor’s alerts notify you of any indication of a critical event or security vulnerability. They come pre-built and notify you of important events through emails, downloadable reports, and API calls.

    Examples of critical events that generate alerts include the following:

    • Changes to administrative controls
    • Modifications to smart contracts
    • Changes in architecture ACLs
    • Abnormal transaction volume fluctuations
    • Log & change management alerts
    • Unauthorized access attempts


    Complete Audit Logs

    BlocMonitor collects and maintains all chain activity for the entire lifetime of a blockchain, allowing you to review specific past events and identify patterns of anomalous activity for future intervention.

    With BlocMonitor, you can search the historical logs of data using criteria such as:

    • Resource
    • Action
    • Transaction type
    • Date Range
    • IP Address
    • Actor



    Use BlocMonitor as a stand-alone service, or combine with BlocTrust to provide end-to-end verification and endorsement of blockchain transactions and data.

    Ready to see BlocMonitor in action?