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    BlocTrust provides independent, third-party verification, and assurance along with continuous awareness of the health of your blockchain for private blockchains and DLTs.

    Transaction Validation

    BlocTrust runs as an endorsement node within a private blockchain network: verifying and endorsing blockchain transactions, providing assurance to all blockchain participants, and demonstrating the accuracy and legitimacy of endorsed transactions.

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    Compliance, Auditability, and Assurance

    BlocTrust maintains an independent, validated ledger of blockchain transactions. This authoritative record proves vital for following compliance mandates and meeting audit requirements. Designed to be both comprehensive and impartial, you can turn to BlocTrust for addressing disputes among Blockchain participants.

    Monthly Attestations

    BlocTrust generates monthly attestations that summarize the health and activity of the blockchain and display the blockchain operation metrics. These attestations include the blockchain’s total number of active nodes, sponsor nodes, validated transactions compared to the previous across different time frames. With BlocTrust’s attestations, your chain users will receive the monthly compliance snapshot they need to maintain their confidence when participating in your blockchain.


    Independent Third-party Blockchain Verification

    BlocTrust was developed and is maintained by BlocWatch, an organization that operates independently of the application developer, managed service provider, and user community. As a result, BlocTrust adds another layer of assurance to your overall blockchain and peace of mind for those responsible for the health and well-being of the community.

    Quick and Easy Implementation

    The BlocTrust agent is trivial to integrate and is fully managed by BlocWatch as a service. It can be run on top of your on-premise infrastructure or dropped into a secure cloud platform (Google, Azure, AWS, IBP, etc...). BlocTrust supports a variety of blockchain and DLT technologies, including but not limited to Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum, and Corda.

    Integrated Monitoring and Management

    Use BlocTrust as a stand-alone service or combine with BlocMonitor to provide end-to-end monitoring and assurance, with real-time dashboards, analysis tools, and alerting.

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