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    Blockchain Monitoring 101

    Jan 28, 2020 / by BlocWatch

    Enterprises have long recognized the need to monitor and maintain operational systems and, although blockchain alters underlying analysis around issues such as data consistency and system availability, the paradigm of operational monitoring remains intact.

    Below, we created a table encompassing the most common monitoring requirements of system components with a translation into blockchain equivalents. We also included a table of what BlocWatch provides to help blockchain users fulfill these core monitoring mandates.

    Please note that this is not intended as an all-inclusive listing but, rather, as a helpful aide for blockchain administrators. Implementations designed for specific purposes will entail additional application and purpose specific requirements.

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    Operational Task Blockchain Equivalent BlocWatch
    Track web server performance Transaction clearing latency Network Statistics Dashboards
    Track database performance Block fill latency Network Statistics Dashboards
    Track network performance Transaction submit latency Network Statistics Dashboards
    Track web server availability Monitor transaction rates Transaction Dashboards
    Track database availability Monitor transaction rates Transaction Dashboards
    Track application error rates Monitor transaction error rates Transaction Alerting
    Track database error rates Monitor transaction error rates Transaction Alerting
    Verify compliance w/ general best practices Same Best Practice Dashboards
    Verify compliance w/ company standards Same Best Practice Dashboards
    Be alerted on anomalous network activity Monitor for anomalous activity unrelated to transactions Configuration Alerts
    Be alerted on anomalous user actions Monitor for anomalous transactions Transaction Alerts
    Regular summaries of user activity Regular summaries of transaction activity Daily Summary Reports
    Regular summaries of changes to your environment Regular summaries of configuration & network changes Daily Change Reports
    Regular summaries of compliance w/ general & company practices Same Daily Best Practice Reports
    Search through application activity via logs Search through transaction history Transaction Metadata / Data Search
    Track issues & verify they are resolved Same Alert Management
    Monitor for configuration changes in your environment Monitor for configuration changes to your blockchain Configuration Alerts
    View user activity on demand Dashboards of transaction activity Transaction Dashboards

    If you would like to see a demo of the BlocWatch platform in action request a live demo or try it out first with a free trial.

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    Written by BlocWatch