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    BlocWatch and BlockApps Partner to Help Blockchain Users Optimize their Networks

    Apr 15, 2020 / by BlocWatch

    When used together, platforms provide a comprehensive solution to enterprises' key blockchain challenges

    BlockApps, the leading platform for enterprise blockchain, and BlocWatch, the best in class blockchain analytics and monitoring platform, are pleased to announce our partnership to provide a comprehensive solution to better manage and optimize blockchain networks.

    BlocWatch has joined the Global BlockApps Partner Network – an ecosystem of technology and service providers combined with blockchain experts across industries that help enable rapid application development, integration, deployment and enhancement for customers and partners using BlockApps' STRATO platform.

    Together, BlockApps and BlocWatch offer a uniquely comprehensive solution to some of the key challenges facing enterprises using blockchain. Notably, this includes visibility and reporting into on-chain activity and it's supporting infrastructure, compliance, and security concerns.

    BlocWatch's platform integrates with BlockApps' STRATO platform to provide users with

    • Unprecedented insight into their networks, allowing them to monitor and search all activities as well as deliver complete auditability
    • Real-time data visualization of operational metrics that capture events and transactions in easy-to-read dashboards
    • Custom alerts that enhance security and compliance activities by exposing changes to performance, authorizations, and configurations

    When using STRATO and BlocWatch together, enterprises ensure that their blockchain application performs optimally, remains healthy, stays compliant and is secure.

    BlocWatch on BlockApps STRATO

    "The combination of these solutions will help our customers manage and monitor their operations more effectively, improving best practices, minimizing downtime, and maximizing the performance of STRATO," said Kieren James-Lubin, Founder and CEO of BlockApps. "We are very excited to partner with BlocWatch. This alliance will continue to strengthen our positions as leaders in the blockchain market."

    "Blockchain technology has revolutionized the ability to conduct business," BlocWatch CEO Aaron Klein says. "As blockchain adoption grows, so does the need to proactively monitor the systems in place. We are thrilled to add support for STRATO as this partnership gives enterprises the information they need to ensure their network is operating at its highest level of efficiency. We are thrilled to work with BlockApps to enhance the application of blockchain technology."

    About BlocWatch
    BlocWatch was founded by a team of software developers in 2018 and currently supports networks built on Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Quorum. Through its enterprise-ready blockchain monitoring platform, BlocWatch provides complete visibility around operational metrics, smart contract status, user configurations, chain security, and more. Pre-built and user-defined activity alerting, along with a library of best practices, ensure improved blockchain security. The platform is delivered globally as a SaaS service with its headquarters in Rochester, NY, and satellite offices in Reno, Nevada, Seattle, Washington, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

    About BlockApps
    BlockApps is the leading provider of blockchain technology for business networks. Our platform, BlockApps STRATO, powers industry networks in energy, finance, agriculture, live events, travel and many more. Founded in 2015, BlockApps has created several industry innovations including the launch of Blockchain as a Service with Microsoft, founding the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (the world's large open standard blockchain organization) and being the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform).

    Written by BlocWatch