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    Managed Blockchain in under 15 minutes with Amazon Quick Start

    Oct 10, 2019 / by BlocWatch

    Emerging technologies are often difficult to understand and even harder to implement. With the release of Amazon Quick Starts (AQS), software architects are now able to deploy a wide range of different technologies in near real-time. Ranging from SAP databases to IBM Machine Learning to Managed Blockchains, AQS cuts down countless steps into just a couple of manual procedures. This is a huge benefit to companies that are interested in testing the waters without having to pump money into proof of concepts. The benefits of deploying a managed blockchain on AQS span further than saving time and capital.

    Deploying your network is the first step of many when entering the blockchain space. Once up and running, you add nodes (endorser, peer, and orderer) and decide their permissions on a channel to channel basis. Amazon’s architecture simplifies the process by initializing a Member A and two node slots for easy allocation of resources. The diagram below shows the parts of a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain running on Amazon’s Managed Blockchain.


    Deploying nodes is made easier with AQS. Once your network is up-and-running, it becomes crucial to monitor and manage activities to ensure that it is performing as intended. BlocWatch’s application can integrate across several cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more) as well as on premise. As a result, we provide users with full control of their blockchain with capabilities such as monitoring, analytics, validation, and security in any environment. The analytics are presented in easy to understand dashboards, reports, and alerts, providing real-time useful insights on blockchain activity, users, and anomalies.

    Want to try it for yourself? Head over to Amazon’s Managed Blockchain and sign up for a BlocWatch free trial to get started today.

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    Written by BlocWatch