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    R3 Releases Corda Enterprise 4.3

    Dec 20, 2019 / by BlocWatch

    R3 recently launched Corda Enterprise 4.3, which paves the way for faster time to value, simplifies deployment and node management and further enhances the resilience of Corda networks.

    What's new in Corda 4.3?

    • Accounts: Enabling Business Network Operators (BNOs) to represent multiple organizational entities or end-users on a single node, reducing cost and infrastructure requirements for BNOs, and allowing for easier on-boarding of corporate end-users.

    • New Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) integrations: Added HSM integration and TLS key support for FutureX and Securosys, as well as confidential ID key storage for Securosys. Notary keys can be stored in selected HSMs further securing notary signing keys. 

    • Health-check tools: Making network deployment and diagnostics easier, providing ongoing visibility and verifying real-time connectivity within production deployments, including online connectivity of the network manager and network map, third party nodes and notaries across the Corda Network.

    Mike Ward, Head of Product, and Joel Dudley, Product Manager, went on camera to talk about the new features of Corda Enterprise 4.3 in the explainer video here.  

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    Written by BlocWatch