Service Level Agreement

  1. DEFINITIONS. The following terms will have the following meanings:
    a) “Downtime” means a Measurement Interval during which BlocWatch fails to provide material functionality of the Services, excluding Scheduled Downtime.
    b) “Measurement Interval” means one minute.
    c) “Measurement Period” means one month, less any Scheduled Downtime.
    d) “Scheduled Downtime” means a Measurement Interval during which the Services is unavailable due to maintenance.

  2. BlocWatch will provide the Services to Customer in accordance with the following table. If the metric does not satisfy its corresponding Standard, then Customer will be entitled to receive the corresponding remedy set forth in the following table:

    Metric Standard Performance Credit
    Availability – Percentage of Measurement Intervals that are not Downtime 99% + of each Measurement Period 1% of monthly charges per percentage point below 99%. The maximum credit in any month will not exceed 10%
  3. Customer shall be responsible for reporting outages to BlocWatch for potential service credit. Outage time will not accrue such report is made. Outages will continue to accrue until such time as BlocWatch informs Customer of resolution.

  4. The Parties acknowledge and agree that failure of BlocWatch to meet the Service Levels can be detrimental to Customer’s use of the Services and internal business processes. If BlocWatch has, at the end of a month, failed to meet the Service Level targets, BlocWatch shall issue a performance credit to Customer in the amount set forth in the tables above, as applicable. Such credit(s) may be applied by Customer to any of BlocWatch’s invoices.