• Full blockchain visibility
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Intelligent alerts

Blockchain monitoring and management

BlocMonitor provides essential visibility and insight into public, private, and permissioned blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs). BlocMonitor’s enterprise-grade monitoring and management capabilities allow you to:

Real-time information

BlocMonitor records and catalogs everything that happens on each monitored blockchain. It gives you full visibility into all chain activity, alerting you of critical events; and allows you to act immediately by connecting custom automation to blockchain data. Zoom out to see the big picture across multiple chains with easy-to-use dashboards, or zoom in to investigate the details of an individual chain node, transaction, or identity.

BlocMonitor supports a multitude of different blockchain and DLTs, including:

Powerful analysis tools

BlocMonitor allows you to analyze blockchain data and events in real time. Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports allow you to investigate and diagnose issues related to:

You can also create custom dashboards and reports through the BlocMonitor UI, as well as use the BlocMonitor API to pull detailed sets of blockchain data for further processing.

Critical security alerts

BlocMonitor alerts you of critical blockchain events and potential security issues. You can turn on a variety of pre-built alerts to notify you of important events through email, SMS, or API callbacks; such as:

You can also use the BlocMonitor UI to define custom events and behaviors. BlocMonitor will automatically sort through the millions of events per second it captures to identify and deliver just the critical information you need to see.

Full audit history

BlocMonitor collects and maintains all chain activity for the entire lifetime of a blockchain. This allows you to go back and review specific events in the past, or detect long-running patterns of anomalous activity. With BlocMonitor, you can search the history of a chain by:

Integrated validation and assurance

BlocMonitor can be used as a stand-alone service; or combined with BlocTrust to provide end-to-end verification and endorsement of blockchain transactions and data.