• Transaction verification
  • Compliance/audit-ready
  • Monthly attestation
  • Easy implementation

Independent, third-party blockchain verification

BlocTrust provides independent, third-party verification and assurance for private blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs).

BlocTrust’s Trusted Endorser runs as a node within a private blockchain network, verifying and endorsing blockchain transactions. BlocTrust provides assurance to all blockchain participants of the accuracy and legitimacy of endorsed transactions.

Compliance, auditability, and assurance

BlocTrust maintains an independent, validated ledger of blockchain transactions. This authoritative record can be used to fulfill compliance mandates and meet audit requirements, as well as provide an independent, definitive resource in disputes among blockchain participants.

Monthly attestation

BlocTrust provides a monthly attestation to ensure interested parties of blockchain health and activity. This attestation includes key metrics including total number of active nodes, total number of sponsor nodes, total number of prior-month validated transactions, and more. With BlocTrust’s attestation, your chain users can confidently rely upon your blockchain.

Quick and easy implementation

BlocTrust Trusted Endorser software is easy to deploy, and is fully managed by BlocWatch as a service. Trusted Endorser can be run within your own internal infrastructure, or hosted in the BlocWatch secure cloud. BlocTrust supports a variety of blockchain and DLT technologies, including Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum, and Quorum.

Integrated monitoring and management

BlocTrust can be used as a stand-alone service; or combined with BlocMonitor to provide end-to-end monitoring and assurance, with real-time dashboards, analysis tools, and alerting.